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ABOUT US is owned by Lucky Inflatables and Party Rentals. We provide photo booth, 360 booth, audio guestbook and event photography services in Kingston and surrounding areas. We are a family run business, based out of Kingston, ON. Our mission statement is simple: Bring a seamless, interactive, and fun experience to you and your guests. We want to provide an experience, not just a photo/video.

Our products, each with the latest technology, bring the ‘wow factor’ to your event. We will walk you through each product, the pros and cons, and decide on the best offering for you. Every event is different. Every person is different. Let us help you!


At Photobooth Kingston, we believe that every moment deserves to be cherished. Our vision is to capture the essence of joy, spontaneity, and connection in every click, providing a platform where your guests can unleash their creativity and let their personalities shine. We are more than just a photobooth service; we are memory makers, weaving the magic of moments into every event we serve.

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